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Minarin Korean Cooking!

OKAY! (btw, hi everyone :P)
It's one of the well-known facts that I not only dislike cooking, but cannot actually really cook so well ;o;
There are a few things I can do (ie: spaghetti and tunafish salad), but that's pretty much the extent of my skillz. There are a bunch of reasons why I don't like cooking and why I haven't, but I've decided to start... by learning to cook Korean food ^_^ When I was living with my roommates, I got to see them cook a bunch of food, and I picked up on how simplistic it is.

I'm really perfectionistic and like to keep a record of everything, so I've decided to use Excel + LJ to log my adventures in the kitchen. Hopefully I will be able to cook great Korean food ^_^

So, today was the first time I bought ingredients from the Korean market Jangteu near Vendome metro.

The basics:
-Bulgogi Marinade
-Kikkoman Soy Sauce
-100% Pure sesame oil
-Roasted sesame seeds
-100% Pure corn syrup (I cringed when I heard I have to use this, but Wikipedia states how it is different from high-fructose corn syrup. Since I'm using it in small quantities, should be okay, anyway!
-50 sheets of dried seaweed
Total: ~$22

There are three recipes that I want to try that require these ingredients, and they are standard in Korean cooking, so I think I'm all set!

The meat: (from Viandal)
-Chadol baggie
-Mok sal
Total: ~$22

I still have produce to buy, and that will be bought on Thursday.

The recipes I will be trying:

-Bulgogi - marinated beef (to be eaten with rice)
-Bulgogi jungol (uses the same bulgogi beef, but made into a stew)

-Gamja jorim (potato side dish)

-Beef kimbap

-Stuffed pepper jeon

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one of those annoying voting posts~

Please do Neb's band a huge favour and vote for them for the FINALS~ They will get to record a music video ^__^

I'm trying to upload the videos of the show, but it's going soo slow X_X;; Anyway, please take a couple minutes to vote here for ATHENAWALTZ <33333333333333
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SoulJa - Breathless romaji lyrics

It's not often I experience this, but I just heard SoulJa's new single...and the song Breathless is amazing. It needs more than 5 stars...!!!!!!!! OMG. Within the first 3 seconds, I knew I would love it and gave it 5 stars. 30 seconds in, I needed to give it more than 5 stars...!!! The single just came out, so no lyrics yet, but I managed to get the Japanese ones, at least!

I love how the English mixes so beautifully with the Japanese...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to get a translation of this.

Can't let you just walk away, so baby, can't you take a chance with me? I hate that I can identify with that >_>

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advanced diary

So, I track my computer-program usage using Wakoopa. I love statistics, and I especially love useless statistics about my life (ex: LastFM, logs, number of text messages I've received/sent since I first received my phone, etc). I'm a little concerned that this is my top ten this week:

1. Google Chrome
2. Google Talk
3. Word 2007
4. Skype
5. Internet Explorer
6. Advanced Diary
7. Windows Live Messenger
8. Firefox
9. Windows Media Player
10. Windows Explorer

So yeah, I use a service other than LJ to blog. It contains all the nitty-gritty BS aspects of my life that aren't really LJ-appropriate. Or Internet appropriate. Or anyone-but-Emma appropriate, really :x But yeah, that's my 6th most used program?! I'm also the weekly top user of all the users using Wakoopa...Sad...